Andreas been a bad girl. Shes been caught smoking cigarettes, drinking, and even stealing money from her mothers purse. Her mother is fed up, and shes told Andrea that one more incident and shes kicked out of the house for good. When Andreas stepther catches her half naked with a guy in her bedroom and liquor on her breath, hes bound and determined to tell her mother what shes been up to. But when his beautiful stepdaughter starts begging, he thinks of a way she can Blackmailed By Daddy – An Erotic Story by Jade K Scott escort storyconvince him not to tell on her she must submit to his every desire, Boston Asian Escort including the taking of her virginity. WARNING: This story is for adults only! It contains content unsuitable for minors. All characters are over the age of eighteen. This story contains graphic depictions of pseudo- between a stepther and stepdaughter, including oral, anal, rough, and spanking with a belt, as well as the defloration of a virgin hymen.

Jade K. Scott

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Jade K. Scott

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Blackmailed By Daddy – An Erotic Story has appeared on the charts 11 times. It has appeared on charts in Canada, USA. It has appeared on the Erotica genre charts.

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