Each when still write down so that I say about the word to you, still write down so that about be opposite you mix all?

Audition beg Buddha this song, touch very much really, that “ we still can meet again, I sought the language of regret of shake of ” of a few chiliad hard before Buddha, think to there won’t be such love on this world! I begged person of thousands of years where to be again. Be you? That woman in my dream.

One day you gently came, it is Buddha really those who heard me is invocatory, deliver you to the side of my. The voice that hearing you, the favorite, happiness that experiencing you so easily surrounding me heavily, original. . . . . . Be loved to be so so make a person swimmy.

The my earnest before Buddha name that writes down I and you, let Buddha bless us to be able to be together forever, suppliance of thousands of years with respect to the generation love reason for this life

Encounter with you, know each other well to be in love, be less than this is unripe without regret.

If I can remember I had said all the time: No matter be below what circumstance, I can love you all the time,

Xin Rui. I am to fall in love with you really, do you know? ?

Always ask you wish to not be willing to marry me, xin Rui, are you willing to marry me?

Xin Rui my Xin Rui, I am willing to love you! It is good that you become the darling young woman in my bosom. I let all believing that seek the person testimony of Buddha: ! Forever changeless!

A word, all one’s life, that loves you namely, changeless.

There is a person in my heart, that is you, one deserves the woman that I love, in such night, I am called to what you give out love, do you listen get? In the night, I am calling you, a sound in one sky, that is the fokelore of love, a person when, when remembering you, you accompany me to be in harships, you accompany me to be in anguish, believe God can know my love is open-armed, do not ask me love to you have many deep, a word will explain, that is: Husband loves you, love you only, one’s whole life:

I think the way of myself only, one belongs to you and my word only. Say the commitment that listens to you only all one’s life.

A word is all one’s life.

Write down you, write down me, come attestation our love.

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