That paragraph of day in his heart very restless static, irritated worry a ground is following one by one, agitate gets him to visit this town blue sky of some of nice not easy gift is white in the sky the cloud also is like yellow Meng Chen of the ash like former days.

The wife left post early, “ family is done to boil Fu ” in the home already several years; The son was taken an examination of last year attended a college, those who learn is artistic however kind move free major, though the school is good, major also has good prospect, but that major collects fees tall however, annual sheet is tuitional have to more than 10000 money, add room, have a meal, cost of clad, book and other daily expense, his salary used most on son body; He is mortgaged 6 years ago bought a house, want every months to return near 1000 yuan, rose that day from what become ” of “ Fang Nu, this mortgages a heavy like hill to be pressed on his body, live in this house, how doesn’t his heart also come down, every sky comes off work, close open the door, feel the one side wall of this house or it is day of some of a window be overturned likely by others or be debus; And more those who let him feel one disaster after another is, he this unit of hold post is more and more stagnant now, prices rose income fell however.

But return the home? The day in the home also is billows is not promoted. What the matrimony of he and wife passed early 7 years is urticant, commute everyday, have a meal, it is a wife next inclined on sofa lying to watch TV. He does not like to see teleplay. If the wife just changes a certain program that is interested to him, he looks a little while. In great much time, he is being taken a book or it is a magazine, inclined also lie on another lounge to look. Everyday night at 11 o’clock, it is breathing space of their go to bed, on the bed, he always is pop eye looks a little while black the ceiling, listening beside the delicate delicate snore of the wife, was asleep insensibly next. Their husband and wife lives even if such, besides every months more or less joyous good, their day resembles article of eight -part essay, same pattern, close since same forward. Occasionally, he remembers not long in the past junior and flighty time, feel if suddenly separates an era. At that time, the love in his memory and matrimony are how good, how to make a person be charmed! Flash goes a few years, how did his love and marriage go flavour? Be just as lentic one pool.

That day, when wanting to go to work, he and wife quarrelled for the problem of money again a few. The young daughter that the reason is them is going up elementary school, the child that the wife sees others signed up for all sorts of coaching class, learn English and so on of abstruse number art, and what class also had not signed up for their daughter. The wife says or sign up for a class, he does not agree, money is additional one and the same, the key is he signs up for these farfetched classes with respect to deprecatory young children at all, he feels it doesn’t matter is used. The wife grunted, say he fears to spend money. He at a draught fire, say in spite of oneself: How don’t you go to “ beautiful money earn come back? A word says ” so that the wife wept unexpectedly. Go on the road by bike, look at the stream of people of come and go and wagon flow, he thought of an ancient poetry: Husband and wife of “ poor and lowly 100 things sad. ”

The day becomes cloudier and cloudier, he stands before office window, stretch one’s hand mop mop. At this moment, ring of his mobile phone short message rang, he opens collection box, it is a short information: “ saves observatory to release rainstorm yellow early-warning: 6 hours of this city rainfall will amount to predicting future 50 millimeter above, and rainfall may last, notice to be on guard please. ” sees the sender number below, very unfamiliar. He guesses what observatory commonweal releases to the likelihood is a province. Because city of this provincial capital just had issued a big rainstorm a few days ago, original observatory had released rainstorm early-warning information, but the company of observatory subordinate is has handed in money to who send this message however.

Before just returning desk, sit down, what he thinks of the wife is used suddenly is small well-informed, she may cannot get this early-warning information. He gave a wife transmit of short message of this rainstorm early-warning, he knows the wife wants to receive the child midday, he is afraid that the wife forgot to take a raincoat. The short message just was sent, his mobile phone rang again, open a short message, wife hair comes over: “ a moment ago that short message is I let others send you, you sent me again. ” is original, wife at that time is being mixed the neighbour in the courtyard people together gossip, that neighbour made money every months, the mobile phone can accept atmosphere early-warning short message, the wife knows his mobile phone did not make the money of atmosphere early-warning, the wife let neighbour give him transmit of that early-warning short message.

Come home that day midday when having a meal, the wife said the origin of this short message, he is touched so that do not have temporarily unexpectedly language. Tired out it may not be a bad idea, mondayish it may not be a bad idea, original, their heart is remained be interlinked. How does can such heart have Ling Xi otherwise?

Occasionally, marriage is like a person to go on the road all the time, also can have tired when, passion precipitated accordingly, this moment, if can shake the water cup of love in time, we can discover, the sweetheart did not change, everything did not change, of change, it is our Mondayish heart only.

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